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This is my debut rap record.

I wanted to launch myself a bit differently. I wanted to distance myself from the usual desi rapper hypermasculine braggadocious image.

Therefore, I conceptualised a Hindi-English lyrics focused record laid out on a melodic Lofi instrumentation. The Anywaywell instrumental was already on my mind.

So, I wrote and created the entire record in 1 hour. Still, I was unsure whether it was ready for a release. I sent it to my wife, Benita, and it was her reaction and affirmation that finally led to the release on 19th April 2021.

Album Art

Inspired by minimal album arts, I used my brand’s typography/fonts and colours to create this.


Release date: 19th April 2021
Label: Vexillo
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Written, recorded, and mixed by: Vivin (Vivin John)
Instrumentation produced by: Anywaywell (Instrumental)
Executive producer: Vivin John for Vexillo


[Verse 1]
दोस्त सब फूंकते गीत सुनते मेरे
नशे के राजे सुरूर के गुलाम ठहरे
लो फाई बीट पे लिखता यह सब मैं
सुन मेरको क्या कहना तुझसे
हर रोज़ पड़ता खबरे सोचता मैं
क्या कुछ बदलेगा यहाँ पे
इतनी वृद्धि होगी हमारे ज्ञान मे
सीखा सिर्फ वध करना सबने
हर कुल कहता हम दूसरा से बढ़कर
फिर भी सब एक बीमारी से ग्रसित
मन में है सबके सिर्फ द्वेष
और दिल हमारे प्यार रहित
सब कहते हम राजे है यहाँ
अगर सब राजे तो फिर प्रजा कौन
सब समय के सामने बेबस
अपने मौत के सामने है सब मौन
किस चीज़ का घमंड करूँ आज
पास जो वह मेरी मौत का निसार
पास खुदा की दी हुई कुछ साँसे
हो सके तो दू उनको मूल्य आज

[Verse 2]
I used to sell dope and think I sold hope
I used to love a woman think I am a saviour
I used to make children smile, worthwhile
But too empty inside, it was all futile
I met God on the crossroads, asked him something
Will the believers ever allow me to think
Or would I be one with faith that is blind
And will I become the one blind leading the blind
Dear father why did you gimme an intellect
Faith and doubt, I was struggling to select
He said if you can see me do things while you doubt
Imagine what your faith could do now
Woke up, dreams was over, vision in place
I guess I was too dazed but unfazed
Will my mama proud of the son she raised
Or my pops proud of walls that I razed
I wanna die tonight, so they say long live vin
Cuz when I am alive they might not listen in
Into the walls, it seems like I’m screamin
But I do end up punching a demon
Trying to count each second of my age
Celebrate like there ain’t no tomorrow
Maybe there is no tomorrow
So maybe we should get rid of the sorrow